Three stations. The same story. It's how you see it.

The work and the artist

About the Work
How You See It layers a single story as told by three different stations (CBS, NBC and ABC). This layering has been created with the idea of "fugue" in mind. That is, a procedure of imitative counterpoint. What How You See It hopes to illuminate is how news broadcasts, far from daring reporting or varied approaches has regressed to pantomiming each other, creating a cacophony of sound and images that are no different from one another. Our news media landscape normally described as three giants is really one in disguise.

About the Artist
Pravin Sathe is a master's candidate ('08) in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. A graduate of New York University's College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) he received his B.A. in 2003, double majoring in Politics and Economics. He is a former NYC Teaching Fellow, teaching mathematics at Washington Irving High School between 2003 and 2005. He has written for Pop + Politics dot com, Wiretap and NY Arts Magazine on issues ranging from copyright law, technology and its effect on society to politics and the arts.

He continues to work with the artist Tony Oursler on special projects. Their last collaboration was the design of an online catalogue and his participation in Mr. Oursler's Studio: Seven Months of My Aesthetic Education (Plus Some) which debuted at the d'Orsay in Paris, France and traveled to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. His website for Mr. Oursler's career work was featured at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. His own work has been displayed at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) in Brookhaven, New York and at ITP, New York University in the Spring of 2007 and the Winter of 2007 and is the recipient of the Tisch School of Arts (TSoA) Graduate Scholarship.

To contact Pravin Sathe please email pravin [at] pravinsathe dot com