Suspended on a Road from Here to There


"Suspended on a Road from Here to There" is a series of sculptures that explores the clash of cultures in the city of my childhood, Bombay, now called Mumbai, through the lens of it's two dominant languages, Marathi and English. The three sculptures, "Encounter," "Bombai," and "Cowherd", employed MEL scripts in Maya and were realized with a Z-Corp rapid prototyping printer. I chose rapid prototyping as the method with which to realize these works because of the cost advantage, both in terms of time and price, in creating multiple works and the complexity in form of each piece. The sculptures are intended to be viewed as a triptych, as each informs the other and creates a metaphorical circle, analogous to the "chakra" on the Indian flag. As a whole, this thesis work creates a physical representation of lessons learned from the past and a hope for a more generous spirit in our descriptions of one another as we move into the future.