Suspended on a Road from Here to There

Acknowledgements: People Who Made This Thesis Possible

Many thanks go to the people that helped during my studies at ITP and in the realization of this thesis.

To Alan Michaels for invaluable tutoring in Maya. To Shelley and Alex for creating a seamless process for printing. Many thanks to the GSO for the tablet without which there would be no smooth curves in these sculptures. Professors Toru Hasegawa and Mark Collins who started this process by introducing me to rapid prototyping. Professors Daniel Rozin, Dan O'Sullivan, Todd Holoubek, Tom Igoe, Daniel Shiffman and Marianne Petit for fostering such a creative environment. Red Burns for being a benevolent dictator and making things easy, we are all indebted to you for the freedom we have.

Robert Tessler for starting a Post-Bac program at the same time, it's good to have a partner in crime. Mary Guiteras and Dodd Loomis for keeping me laughing. To all of my friends for accepting my retreat from the world but never forgetting to check in. To Professor Nancy Hechinger for her steady hand and sharp tongue during this harrowing yet exciting process. Constance De Jong for her thoughtful comments on the work and the wonderful career advice, the advice continues to be invaluable. Tony Oursler for giving me a chance at 18 years of age and being an artist's artist. June Adinolfi for giving me not only the technical skills to draw and paint but to really see the world. I hold you responsible.

A special thanks to Anna Plunkett for her persistence in forcing me out of our apartment while conducting this work to enjoy the city we live in. This research is a testament to your efforts. To my grandparents whose wit and humor has kept them close while living far away.

Finally, to my parents whose belief in honor, hard work and family has produced any successes I have had in the past or will have in the future. I am forever indebted; I hope this thesis makes you proud.